DabaLaba kanoe laivu noma un loka šaušanas trase, atpūta dabā

Canoes for rent

1 day Eur 50.00 per canoe (2-3 seats)

1 day Eur 60.00 per canoe (3-4 seats)

1 day Eur 50.00 sea kayak (1 seat) :

Irbene (telescope) - Lielirbe

Irbene (telescope) - Lielirbe bridge

Irbene (telescope) - Miķeļbāka

1 day Eur 45.00 per canoe (2-3 seats)

1 day Eur 50.00 per canoe (3-4 seats)

1 day Eur 50.00 per kayak (1seat) :

Ance- Irbene (telescope)

2 days Eur 60.00 per canoe (2 seats)

2 days Eur 70.00 per canoe (3 seats)

2 days Eur 60.00 per sea kayak (1 seat) :

Rinda- sea

Ance- sea

Puze lake - sea

3 days Eur 65.00 per canoe (2 seats)

3 days Eur 70.00 per canoe (3 seats)

3 days Eur 70.00 per sea kayak (1seat) 

If you come with your own boat - transportation negotiable.

SUP boards availabe for rent  for 20Eur/day

The price includes - 2-3 or 3-4 seater canoe or kayak, paddles, life jackets, dry-bags, car parking at @DabaLaba , information, map.

Including- People and boats will be brought back to the starting point of the journey (safari).

If you require a booking for June, July and August, we will ask you to make a deposit of Eur 20 per boat. For any changes please give us 2 weeks notice.

If you change your reservation later and the boat stays at home, unfortunately, we will  keep the  booking fees.

Latvian summer season is very very very short so we appreciate your understanding!


Short track:

Adults Eur 17.00

Children Eur 14.00

Long track: 

Adults Eur 22.00

Children Eur 16.00

After archering we will offer you our complimentary "Archers soup".

If you would like to have brakfast/lunch/dinner in our Forest cafe #Mežā after archery, please mention when making your booking for bow track. 


Eur 55.00 per night

Includes: sauna @ DabaLaba

Towels, eko soap, shampoo, candle light, herbal tea

Sleeping in Sauna

Eur 28.00 per night

Includes: double bed, bed linen, blankets, pillows,  place by the fireplace.

Safari trip

150 Eur/ hour.

Land Rover Defender for 9 (10) pers., 2 cars available.

UAZ little offroad party minibus for up to 12 pers.

GAZ 66 for up to 18 pers. (no roof)

Call us and we will figure out your best Safari trip!

Also we offer Photo hunting :

deer, elk, roe, boar, badgers, raccoons, birds: storks, cranes and many kinds of migrating birds. We have large forests and biggest population of wild animals here, you can meet them according to time of year.

+371 268 44 295


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