DabaLaba kanoe laivu noma un loka šaušanas trase, atpūta dabā

Adventure tours for students year 7 to 12


Start the school year with archer posture and confidence in the wilderness!

Suitable for boys and girls!


It is exciting and very safe!

 In autumn and spring:

1 day tour "Get to know the animals of Latvian forest with simple hike with a bow," 4-5 hours, special offer in May, September and October - Eur 12.00 per person, class teacher - for free!


- DabaLaba archering track have 3D targets with animals who live in Latvian forest.

- Before starting the track you'll train in shooting gallery, where each participant will learn the basics of archery.

- When students have mastered their shooting skills, everyone will start the archery track accompanied by an instructor.

- The track is in forest, meadow and along the river.

- After an active hiking, we will stop by our picnic place to enjoy our traditional "Archers Soup".


1 day canoeing with instructor - Eur 13.00 per person.

Items Needed: Appropriate and comfortable clothing for the day's weather, a footwear to walk in the forest.

At the finish we have a picnic with soup, included.

If you have any additional questions please email or call us! We will try to adapt for your convenience!


2-day tour "Big Adventure in Nature"

On the first day you'll get to know the animals of Latvian forest with hike and archering and the second day you'll have a trip with canoe along the river Stende and have a hike where we will look at the footprints of various animals and learn to recognize them.

2-day tour costs EUR 25.00 per person.

At the finish after bow track and after canoeing day we have a picnic with soup, included.

Items Needed: comfortable clothing, footwear for walk in forest, everything you need for overnight in tent, food (dinner, breakfast and lunch on the second day).


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